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I have been fortunate to operate my ceramic handprint business since 2007.   Recently I have received invitations to participate in events further and further from my home in Western New York.  People tell me, "I can't find anyone near me who makes handprints like this."  While I appreciate the chance to reach a larger customer base with my products, the logistics of traveling several hours each way can be challenging.  

With that, I am excited to offer handprint business training!  This is not a franchise.  You will learn how to launch your own business.  The training will take place over two days at my studio in Lockport, NY.  You will learn my methods for creating beautiful keepsakes that capture the precious detail of a child's hand and foot.  I will also provide you with a notebook of written information, examples and resources along with ongoing consultation to troubleshoot and answer questions.

Please email me at handprintladywny@gmail.com if you would like more information about this opportunity.  Serious inquiries only, please.

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