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Q:  How do I get a handprint keepsake?
A:  Make an appointment to have the impression made at a public event or at my studio.  Or you may choose to host a home party.

Q:  Do I need an appointment to have an impression done at a scheduled event?
A:  I do accept walk-ins, but appointments will be given preference.

Q:  How long does the appointment take?
A:  Please allow about 15-20 minutes.  That includes completion of an order form, selection of paint color and ribbon, and making the impression. 

Q:  Is the process safe?
A:  Absolutely.  The clay used for the impressions contains no harmful chemicals, and it is soft and cool.  You will be given a wet wipe to clean off your child or pet after the impression is made.

Q:  Is your product durable?
A:  Ceramic is certainly breakable.  However, unlike those do-it-yourself kits which easily crack and crumble, our ceramic impressions are durable and can last forever.

Q:  Do you sell gift certificates?
A:  Yes.  Please click here to order an e-gift card.  If you prefer a paper gift certificate, please contact me to place your order.  

Q:  When do I pay for my handprint keepsake?
A:  Payment is expected at the time the impression is made.  I accept cash and credit/debit cards. 

Q:  When will I receive my finished handprint keepsake?
A:  Typically, you can expect your item in 6-8 weeks after the impression is taken.

Q:  Can you ship my handprint keepsake?
A:  I would be happy to mail your item to you or another person upon request (shipping charges apply).  Usually customers choose to return to the location where the impression was made to pick up their handprint keepsake.

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